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WildCookham's Wild About Gardens Scheme

Putting wildlife at the heart of Cookham -  a new scheme for the whole community

Let’s make Cookham a community that’s proud of its wildlife!  A village that makes the extra effort to provide our flora and fauna with a rich and diverse home.

This is the idea behind our new ‘Wild about Gardens’ scheme.  Our aim is to help people value the contribution of wildlife in their gardens – and to do that across our whole community.  It’s for all ages and we are especially keen to encourage our younger residents to take interest in the natural world around them.

The scheme, initiated by Wild Maidenhead, is being piloted in Cookham this summer when it is limited to private gardens.  It’s planned to extend the scheme in future years to other local areas, and also to open the scheme to categories such as balconies, community gardens and business grounds.

‘Wild about Gardens’ is not a competition: it is a certification scheme based on the self-assessment check list available here. The form can also be downloaded to complete and submit offline.

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