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Bluebell woods

In spring, woods around Maidenhead are filled with carpets of bluebells. The English variety has a beautiful scent which has been described as 'apple, mango, lychees, ginger and freshly mown grass'. 

Good woodlands with swathes of bluebells include Bisham Woods, the Thicket and Waltham Place (tours only).

What's happening to bluebells in Maidenhead?

Our native bluebell is under threat, particularly from the Spanish bluebell, which is an invasive variety and cross-breeds with ours. The hybrid plants can quickly take hold in woodland and squeeze out the pure English variety.  Native bluebells have a strong sweet scent and intense violet-blue flowers that droop down like a bell along one side of the stem. The Spanish type is mor upright and a paler blue, with flowers on both sides of the stem and not much scent.

What can I do?

Visit one of our area's stunning bluebell woods in spring and enjoy the experience!

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