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Wild Maidenhead has an enormous task ahead to protect and improve biodiversity in our locality. We are a newly formed charity and would be able to undertake many more wildlife and wild habitats projects if we had the support of established organisations with a commitment to helping our local community with this work.


Whether it is sponsoring a habitat improvement project, funding tree or wildflower planting, supporting investigative work into the presence of threatened species or sponsoring a student to work for Wild Maidenhead, your support and the support of other like-minded organisations are critical in ensuring Wild Maidenhead can be widely active in the area.


Contact us for more information on developing a custom project or activity that fits your needs and CSR or marketing goals.

Involvement with Wild Maidenhead could mean:

  • Raising awareness of your brand locally

  • Draw attention to new products or services

  • Positioning your brand as a contributor to local well-being through nature


For sponsorship opportunities, contact


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