Online Events - Autumn/Winter 2020/21

Our Autumn/Winter 2020/21 online talks via Zoom all start at 7.30pm. All paid-up members will automatically receive details of the Zoom links to join talks. 

If you'd like to 'come' to the talks but aren't a paid-up member, which costs £5, please join Wild Maidenhead here. Please note: all annual memberships normally renew on 1 February 2021 but anyone joining from 1 December 2020 will have their membership extended to 1 February 2022


New members will be emailed a link for the next talk due after their joining date, during the 24 hours before that talk. For example, if you join by 11 January 2021, you will be emailed a link on 12th January for Bob Keene's talk and you will then automatically receive the links for subsequent talks.

Bob Keene on ‘Homes for Wildlife’
13 January 2021

To see Bob Keene's talk, you must join by 11 January if you aren't a member.

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