Online Events - Autumn/Winter 2020/21

Our Autumn/Winter 2020/21 online talks via Zoom all start at 7.30pm. All paid-up members will automatically receive details of the Zoom links to join talks. 

If you'd like to 'come' to the talks but aren't a paid-up member, which costs £5, please join Wild Maidenhead here. Please note: all annual memberships renew on 1 February 2021. 


New members will be emailed a link for the next talk due after their joining date, during the 24 hours before that talk. For example, if you join on 28 October 2020, you will be emailed a link on 3 November for Andrew Padmore's talk and you will then automatically receive the links for each of the subsequent talks.

Andrew Padmore on 'Local Fungi'

4 November 2020

To see Andrew Padmore's talk, you must join by 2 November if you aren't a member.

Jan Stannard on 'Rewilding'
18 November 2020

To see Jan Stannard's talk, you must join by 16 November if you aren't a member.

Martin Woolner on 'Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe - a natural and social history'
9 December 2020

To see Martin Woolner's talk, you must join by 7 December if you aren't a member.


Bob Keene on ‘Homes for Wildlife’
13 January 2021

To see Bob Keene's talk, you must join by 11 January if you aren't a member.

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