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Garden ponds

Garden ponds, no matter how small, are havens for wildlife, increasing much-needed insect populations, providing birds and other mammals like hedgehogs with drinking water, and providing homes for frogs, toads and newts. 

A garden pond doesn't have to be big: you can make one from an old washing up bowl!

What is happening with garden ponds in Maidenhead?

We have no data on the percentage of gardens with ponds in Maidenhead, and we believe there is a real opportunity to increase the number of garden ponds. We would be surprised if more than 10% of of those in owned or rented houses have wildlife ponds in their gardens. 

What can I do?

If you live in your own house and it has a garden but no pond, put one in. There is an excellent guide below from Natural England detailing how to go about this and how to make ponds good for wildlife but also safe for them and for young children. This is also a good source for creating a minipond

If you would like to visit a wildlife pond, there is a beautiful pond at Braywick Nature Centre which has been specially designed to support wildlife and wild plants. Many children from our local schools go there for pond dipping. 

Natural England guide to creating a garden pond

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