Report sightings

It is vital that we have as much data as possible on local species of all types. Please click the link below to go to a form for reporting what you've seen. 

In particular, we are interested in sightings of the 20 species chosen as a focus in our Biodiversity Action Plan. If you have seen one of these, please click on the species in the list below and you will be taken through to a form to complete. 

1. Great crested newt

2. Common toad

3. Housemartin

4. Yellowhammer

5. House sparrow

6. Kingfisher 

7. Brown Trout

8. Hedgehog

9. Noctule bat

10. Slow worm

11. Grass snake

12. Stag beetle

13. Bumble bees

14. White admiral butterfly

15. Wasp spider

16. Early purple orchid

17. Loddon Lily

18. Adders tongue

19. Ballerina wax cap

20. English oak  (an oak you believe could be veteran or ancient)

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