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Stag Beetles Project

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A Wild Maidenhead Biodiversity Action Plan project - 2019-2023

What's the problem?

Maidenhead currently appears to have regular sightings of this beetle, which is in decline nationally. We all need to do what we can to maintain numbers and also help them expand their local populations which are at risk due to continual habitat loss. 

What are we planning?

Wild Maidenhead has made Stag Beetles a target species for our Biodiversity Action Plan. We will find out where Stag Beetles are and then encourage surrounding households to support the right habitats for them.  We will also work with RBWM to encourage Stag Beetle habitats in local parks.

What do we need you to do?

We need to know where Stag Beetles have been seen in the Wild Maidenhead area. Once we know that, we will teach volunteers about habitat creation and then get them to work with households and RBWM to create more habitats. 

What am I looking for?

You might see Stag Beetles in your garden or flying around it. Adult stag beetles emerge from the soil beneath logs or tree stumps from mid-May until late July, usually near or on dead wood including old tree stumps. 

When working in the garden, you may come across the grubs, which live underground for 

There is further information here

To help Stag beetles, bury untreated wood beneath the soil. If not you could make a log pile for them. 

We would love to see Stag Beetle reports across all the ten wards of the Maidenhead Borough. Please click on the form below Wild Maidenhead to let us know you are interested in helping and we will send further information to you on how to enter records.

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