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Yellowhammers Project


A Wild Maidenhead Biodiversity Action Plan project - 2019-2023

What's the problem?

Yellowhammers were once commonplace in the countryside, but the species has been red listed since 2002. This drastic decline has been caused by reductions in winter seed food as a result of agricultural intensification and changes in farm (for example, the loss of winter stubbles and a reduction in weed densities). Research has shown that winter set aside is a good predictor of sites chosen  chosen for breeding territories the next year.

Yellow hammer decline.jpg

What are we planning?

We are obtaining and reviewing data over past ten years on Yellowhammer populations in our area.  We will then carry out Yellowhammer surveys over as much farmland in the area as possible by 2020. We will work with farmers on a pilot study offering supplementary feeding for Yellowhammers, following best practice guidelines, supported by volunteer teams. 

What do we need you to do?

We need volunteers to help with the Yellowhammers project. 

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